About Us - Investors

Esperance Pharmaceuticals is extremely proud of the caliber of its three founding investors: Louisiana Fund I; Themelios
Venture Partners; and Research Corporation Technologies, and they serve as the Board of Directors of the Company. Each of
the Board members/investors is represented by a key member of the investor company.

Louisiana Fund I (LFI) (www.louisianafund.com) is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on the identification of
investment opportunities emanating from research Universities and other organizations in the state of Louisiana.  Louisiana
Fund I targets companies developing commercially promising technologies with an emphasis on those originating in Louisiana
universities. Areas of interest include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agritechnology, information technology and other high
technology opportunities that offer venture capital returns.  Louisiana Fund I is represented by Joseph F. Lovett, Managing
General Partner.  

Themelios Venture Partners (TVP) is one of two investment funds managed by VCE Capital Partners LLC (www.vcecaptial.com), a southeast U.S. based venture capital firm that provides equity capital to early and expansion stage companies with proprietary technology platforms or unique products addressing large markets. TVP invests in both life sciences technologies originating from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and in companies outside of the Pennington Center that run clinical trials or conduct research collaborations with the Center. Themelios Venture Partners is represented by Ross P. Barrett, Managing General Partner.

Louisiana Technology Fund (LTF) was established to invest solely in Louisiana's emerging technology companies. LTF is an effort from the states four research parks and Louisiana's Certified Capital Companies (CAPCOs) and is designed exclusively for investing in early-stage, Louisiana technology companies. The fund was initially capitalized by Advantage Capital Partners, Enhanced Capital and Whitecap Louisiana Growth Fund. LTF is represented by Justin N. Obletz, Vice President, Advantage Capital Partners.