About Us - Scientific Advisors

Daniel Von Hoff, M.D.

Dr. Von Hoff is a world renowned expert in oncology research and development of anticancer drugs. He is currently Professor of Medicine, Pathology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Director of the Arizona Health Sciences Center's Cancer Therapeutics Program, Executive Vice President, Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Director, TGen's Translational Drug Development Division and Head, Pancreatic Cancer Research Program. He is also Chief Scientific Officer for US Oncology.

William Hansel, Ph.D.

Dr. Hansel is Professor of the Cancer Prevention Department at Pennington Biomedical Research Institute and a co-inventor of the Esperance technology. Dr. Hansel's major research interests are in cancer, reproductive biology and nutrition. He currently leads a group of scientists at the Pennington Center and on the LSU Campus that is developing a new method for treating cancers of the prostate, breast, testis, ovary and pancreas based on targeting lytic peptides to receptors on the cancer cell membranes.

Fred Enright, Ph.D.

Dr. Enright is Professor and Head of the Department of Veterinary Science, LSU Agricultural Center and co-inventor of the technology. Dr. Enright has published many peer-reviewed papers on membrane-disrupting peptides for treatment of cancer, control of fertility and infectious diseases.

Mark McLaughlin, Ph.D.

Dr. McLaughlin is Professor of Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Oncology at University of South Florida, Tampa. He participated in the design and chemistry of several lytic (membrane disrupting) peptides during his tenure at LSU. He has written several papers and patents on lytic peptides.