Strategic Alliances

Esperance's business strategy is to focus on internal research and development strengths, validate product candidates through proof of concept and enter into collaborations with strategic partners who possess resources and experience to further develop and commercialize novel therapeutics.
We offer access to discovery expertise and product candidates in areas of high clinical need and distinct commercial value. We are interested in collaborations to leverage our CLYPTM technology platform for the ongoing development of membrane disrupting peptides (MDP) and antibody drug conjugates (ADC) with primary focus in the field of oncology. 

Esperance's objective is to secure partnerships to enhance our combined ability to advance novel science and accelerate the development of differentiated therapeutics. Our broad intellectual property portfolio and unique research approach enable us to be a productive partner for those seeking to advance meaningful therapeutics in oncology and other core therapeutic areas.

If interested in learning more, please contact:

Hector Alila
President & CEO

Jim Lewis
VP, Business Development